Dream Green 100% nature 0% care natural visual effect and surface feel

 Dream Green

100% nature 0% care
natural visual effect and surface feel

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Advantages of Green Dreams

  • No need of soil
  • No need of water
  • No need of sunlight
  • No need of maintenance and care
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Custom design and implement
  • Suitable for indoor
  • Long Life cycle

Green Dream Vision

Today, with the expansion and of concrete walls in urban architecture and the air pollution in metropolitan areas, the installation of green panels provides a quiet and pleasant atmosphere for a friendly dialogue.

More Information

Green Preserved Moss is one of the most beautiful and most popular products for use in interior decoration, giving more freedom for designers, architects and customers looking for evergreen environments.

The preserved moss is available in 16 colors and variety of shapes as like as curve, circle or whatever the customer is looking for.

This is part of your Green Dreams that you hang on the wall

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